Used Printers for Sale

Al Mashhoor Office Equipment Trading

Buying a used printer is cost-effective than buying a brand new one, at times. We allow you to acquire and own the high quality and excellent performing used printers and photocopiers of excellent condition and we assure you the quality of the good we sell with a proper warranty for a specific period.

We always try to bring the best in everything and to exceed much beyond the customer anticipations by providing superior services.

Refurbished and used printers for sale

Are you looking for a used and good quality printer for sale? We have the best options for different brands of printers for you. We are one of the leading printer retail centers in UAE and provide the following services printer and photocopier lease printer and photocopier rental printer AMC contract services sale of toner and cartridges printer accessories and imaging consumables repair and maintenance of printers sale of used printers